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September 2012

 By Andrew Michalik, 1st Class

“Andrew!  Andrew!”  Nate Hall shouted in my ear telling me to wake up!  Everyone else in camp was practically awake and ready to take on the day.  Carpe diem!  

I got out of the sleeping bag and climb out of the tent.  Sunlight was streaming through the trees and scouts were up sitting around the fire pit or, a few like me, were getting out of their tents.  Once all were up, the fun began.

Fire Building Competition.   We started with a fire building competition, among all patrols, where scouts were required to make a small fire pit, then build the most effective cooking fire that they could.  We never lit them, but I had a great experience making the fires.  Our patrol won so we were able to build the fire that night for dinner. 

Pre-Breakfast Nature Hike- Exploring the Great Outdoors.  Soon after we built the fires, we began a nature hike where we saw the coolest cat-house and many other ‘out of the ordinary’ things.  When we arrived at the campsite after the hike we had breakfast, and it was scrumptious.  We had scrambled eggs with hash browns and sausages, which I think everyone enjoyed.  We cleaned up the fires, and moved the rocks from the fire pit into the woods, then set out on another exciting day hike.  

The hike was fascinating and the scenery was amazing, even though it rained a bit. So when we walked back into the campsite after we felt like this day was already so packed with fun, and the day isn’t even done!  Lunch was served and we had sandwiches with the choice of cheese, ham, turkey, and roast beef, and we could have drinks and chips. 


Fun and Games.   After we were done with lunch we had the “Fireman’s Carry Relay”.  The fireman’s carry relay is where you have two people carry someone around a course for three laps, but every lap people needed to switch the people that they had to be carrying.  Our relay team didn’t do so well but we still had as much fun as the winning team, but after, we were exhausted from carrying everybody.   After we did the relay, we had a big game of football and ultimate Frisbee on one of the nearby fields and we had such fun!  We played until we were too tired to play anymore, and we then strolled back to the campsite, talking about the great plays of the game.  

Dinner and Fireside chats.   When we got back to the campsite, we reviewed first aid, and treating burns; then Mr. K. brought us over to a small stove, where he showed us how to make a personal pizza on a backpacking camping trip.  Soon after, my patrol made the fire for dinner and, boy, was it a big one!  Then we all ate tin foil wrap with beans meat and other tasty vegies, all in a cabbage bowl.  For dessert we had hobo pies which are pies that you put in this special pan and you cook it over the fire; they were delicious!  After we sat around the campfire and chatted until the fire died down and we went off to our tents. 

That next morning, we packed our tents and left early in the morning.  On the way home, I thought how jam- packed this trip has been and how much I learned on it, while still having a ton of fun!  I had so much fun on this trip and I’m very excited to go on another Boy Scout camping trip with Troop 92.

Summer Trip 2012


White Water Rafting Trip, 2012


As our raft dropped into the class 5 (very Challenging) rapid, our raft was sucked under a monstrous wave, my eyes widened in excitement and anticipation.  The raft shot up over the wave and into the air, but immediately flopped back down onto the churning water where we paddled franticly so that we wouldn’t fall into the mayhem of waves and flying water.  This was so much fun!  Another trip with the boy scouts from Troop 92 and boy, they never seem to disappoint me!

                I can remember just a few short hours ago when we arrived at the Crab Apple white water rafting office to sign in and learn the lessons for safe rafting.  I had been on this trip the year before and knew the layout of the river so I was both eager and thrilled to be back here and going out on the Kennebec River another time.  After we got our life vests and helmets, our guides showed us the right and wrong ways for everything we were going to need to know about rafting on the river.  Soon after, everybody was loaded onto the Crab Apple busses and we headed up to the top of the river.  On the ride up, you could definitely feel the anticipation from everyone, including me and when we were at the top, people were pressing their faces against the windows to see where the river began.  We unloaded from the busses and gathered together in the groups of people that we were going to raft with. 

After putting on our vests and helmets, we hiked down to the head of the river and began loading people in rafts and then we were off.  The water was moving fairly fast, at a speed of 4800 sq. feet per second.  So immediately after we put the giant blue rafts in the water, they splashed down the river.  Not long into the river, we came across our first rapid, Big Mamma and the Three Sister.  This rapid, a class 4, had many huge waves including the humongous one about half way down the rapid.  Our boat nearly got sucked under and someone in our boat almost fell out!  Just as he was about to though, our guide was able to, thankfully, yank him back in.  Next there were a couple of smaller rapids following that, but then, came the big class 5 rapid known as Magic Falls.  Our boat was quickly sucked under the massive wave and we were shot out on the other side.  It was exhilarating and I had the most fun there.  Everyone on our raft, no matter where you sat, was completely drenched from head to toe.

After that set of rapids, we took a short break, ate a granola bar, and sat beneath a small, scenic waterfall.  We took some pictures there but not long after, we hopped back onto the rafts, and started down the river again.  I sat in the front for a small portion of the river here and in that time I experienced one of the amazing class 4 rapids on the Kennebec.  The waves were everywhere and it was so crazy!  My paddle was actually only in the water half the time there because the front of the raft was too high in the air.  This was rafting!  It was great, half the time, I was worrying that I was going to fall out, and the other half of the time, I was worrying that the raft was going to tip over!  After the thirty seconds of extreme thrill, the rest of the ride was relaxation.  There was a class 2 rapid where we were able to get out of the raft and float on our backs.  After that, we really just spent the rest of the time in the raft kicking back and chatting with people on the boat, or like I did, just take in the scenery and all the animals there. 

When we got back to the Crab Apple office and were able to spend sometime in the pool while lunch was being prepared.  Everything imaginable was for lunch; we had a choice of steak or salmon for lunch and for the sides it was everything from baked beans to cake!  Once lunch was over, we played a game called nukkum, which is a version of volleyball, on the volleyball court.  After 4 or 5 games of fun and some laughs, we left and headed back to the campsite where we played games in the field close to the campsite.  That night for dinner, we had hot dogs cooked by the fire and after some talk around the campfire, we all went to bed.  The next morning we got up, broke camp, and cleaned up all the trash there.  Once that was finished, we all drove away knowing that we had just experienced another amazing outing of Troop 92--  the white water rafting trip on the Kennebec River-- just an amazing experience for everyone that went on it and you can guarantee that I will be g

July 8-15, 2012 - Yawgoog


My Camp Yawgoog Experience

July 8-15, 2012

By Andrew Michalik


I woke up to the sound of Mark Dyer calling to our tent to get up and get ready for the upcoming day, then I crawled out of my sleeping bag and climbed down from the top bunk.  The air was crisp and somewhat cool, so when I passed my trunk, I grabbed my sweatshirt.  I pushed open my tent flap and saw that I was the last one up from my tent and Bobby, Mikey, and Devin were already up. Another great day at Yawgoog Summer Camp!  I’m ready to work on my merit badges, and have a lot of fun today.  As I stepped out of the tent, I noticed that everybody else seemed to be dragging themselves out of their tents, still groggy from last night’s sleep, and they all seemed to gather around one of the picnic tables, or the fire pit.  Some people started playing cards, while others began conversations with each other about how their merit badge class was going to be today, or what the breakfast might be this morning.  At 7:45, we heard a trumpet playing the Wake up Song in the distance, and knew that it was time for the waiters and servers to go down and set up for breakfast.  Today, I was a server with David and Walker, so we hustled out of the campsite, and down the road to the dining hall.

                The dining hall was a massive open room that looked out onto the athletic field.  It had wooden tables and benches that you sat at and there was a stage in the back of the room where all of the announcements were made.  All around the room were flags and signs of other troops and groups.  When David and I walked in, we went to the racks, and grabbed all of the cups and plates for our two tables, while Walker started setting up for one of the staff tables.  At the beginning of the week, they were asking for someone to be their server so Walker stepped up to the plate and decided to take that job on.   After we grabbed the drinks and condiments for the tables, we waited at the table for the Troops to start trailing onto the field in front of the hall, where the flag was going to be raised.  The flag went up quickly while the trumpet player played the wake up piece.  The troops then came in after the flag was raised and people from Troop 92 piled into our two tables.  Then it was time for the servers to go get the food, and so I rushed up there to get some food quickly and get back to the table.  As I was grabbing a tray of food, I noticed that today for breakfast was scrambled eggs with French toast, “yum” I thought, and the food here was pretty good so I hoped for the best.  Almost immediately after I put down the tray of food, there was a burst of noise coming from around the dining hall.  See, the people that eat at the meals with us like to sing.  A lot!  And the scouts here sing very loud-- so loud-- that by the end of the week, I knew every word to every song that was being sung. 

                After breakfast I returned to the campsite to prepare for my merit badge classes I have now.  I grabbed my book, changed into a bathing suit, and headed out of camp.  My first merit badge class was canoeing merit badge with Nick and Devin, so I walked down with them to the waterfront.  When we arrived at the waterfront, we checked in with our counselor then we waited for the class to begin.  As I was waiting, I began admiring the waterfront and the lake.  It was a vast lake with multiple docks for the swimming merit badge, and off to the side was the canoes for canoeing.  After everyone arrived, we went out onto the water and that day we practiced tipping our canoes and learning how to flip them back over safely.  Then we learned how to fall out of the canoe and get back in it safely.  I was having so much fun at canoeing, I barely even noticed that the class was over and we were changing to go back to our next class.  I walked up the hill, and in the big open amphitheater, was Mikey sitting on a bench in the first row, waiting for cooking merit badge.  I walked over and sat next to him.  Our class started in 20 minutes, so we sat on the bench and talked about what work we have to do that night from our first class, and what we like about Camp Yawgoog.  Pretty soon, people began spilling into the amphitheater and the counselor came in and started the class.  We gave him our homework, and then we went to the big fire pit where we began to make meat and vegetable kabobs.  After 5 to 10 minutes though, the counselor said that the kabobs would take 25 minutes and if you don’t want to stay and eat them, you can leave.  Well, I guess nearly everyone in the cooking merit badge is impatient, because within 5 minutes, most of the people cleared out.  Everyone except for Mikey and I, we both waited and after the 25 minutes, we ate!  Boy were the kabobs delicious!  Mikey agreed with me that they were definitely worth the wait. 

Lunch was next so Mikey and I headed back to the campsite where we got a Frisbee, and strolled to the athletics field where we threw it around.  Some other scouts joined us and we played a game until people were called to the dining hall.  Lunch was just as loud and noisy as usual, with people singing all the songs that were being sung at breakfast, but I think louder than this morning.  Today we were served grilled cheese, which tasted rather good, and for dessert we had vanilla cake, yum!  When lunch ended, we had about a forty-five minute time period, where we could do whatever we wanted to before the next session of merit badge classes.  We played ultimate Frisbee for part of it, and then after we had our fun, we headed back to the campsite and had a big card game, where we laughed and had fun the entire game. 

The next classes were about to begin, so everybody rushed out to get there on time.  I had swimming merit badge with four or five other kids in our troop and so we had fun learning the swim strokes and safety methods.  Today we learned the “reach, throw, row, and go” method that you do when you are trying to save a person, and we learned some very valuable skills, while having fun as well.  Swimming ended and it was time for me to head off to first aid merit badge, which was half way across the camp.  So I quickly changed into clothes and sprinted off to get there on time.  With, less than a minute until the class starts, I ran into the cabin where first aid merit badge was being held, and relief swept over me, as I made it just in time.  That day we worked on all types of first aid injuries and how to treat them, from burns, to animal bites, to broken bones.  After we talked about how the test that we have on Friday was going to be and we were dismissed when we finished. 

Dinner is starting in about half an hour, so instead of sprinting back to my campsite, I took a nice leisurely stroll back.  On my way to the campsite, I passed the dining hall and stopped in there to buy some candy that I would save for later, and then headed to camp.  Once I got there, people were already putting on their Class A uniforms, so I went to my tent and began to put mine on.  Every troop is required to wear their Class A uniforms to dinner, to show their pride for their Troops, so that’s what I’ll do by walking out of my tent, wearing my full Class A.  When we arrived at the dining hall, we got into a line and waited for the flag ceremony to begin.  The flag guard said “Attention!” and we stood to attention, as the flag slowly was lowered, and the sound of a clear trumpet was filled in the area.  Once the ceremony was finished, we were sent to the dining hall where we began to eat.  Today’s dinner was roasted chicken, with mashed potatoes and gravy, and it was delicious!  We got cookies for dessert, and once again, the entire meal was filled with loud singing of the camp songs.  Dinner soon ended, and we went back to our campsite where we put on our bathing suits.  Mark was able to get a slot for us to play a couple games of water dodge ball down at the waterfront, and everyone was excited to have a competitive, but fun game.  When we arrived, we walked out to the dock, and waited for instructions.  When we heard all the rules, we hopped in the water, and began the game.  The game was exhilarating and so much fun, dodge balls, flying everywhere, it was hard not to get hit; while you’re trying to stay in, everyone else on your team is shouting to you at the top of their lungs to throw a ball to them, so they can get back in.  It was the most fun I’ve had in the water in quite a long time!  But, unfortunately, another group had a turn to play, so we had to get out of the water, dry off, and head back to the campsite.  When we arrived back at the campsite, everyone changed, and then we all started a huge game of cards.  We played for hours, and we would have played all night if it wasn’t time for us to call it a night, and head to our tents. 

Just before I went to sleep, I thought about how great a day I had and that tomorrow will be just as amazing.  I learned skills in cooking, swimming, canoeing, and first aid while having so much fun in the process.  I am very fortunate to be able to do this, and I wouldn’t be able to without Troop 92 and I am definitely coming back here next year to have just as much fun, if not more, at the amazing, and exciting Camp Yawgoog!

April 2012- Bike Trip

Written By: Andrew Michalik

I thought that my experiences in Troop 92 couldn’t have gotten any better and more fun, but I was wrong. The April Bike Trip to the Shawnee Crowell State Park on Cape Cod just made my experiences in Troop 92 even better!  When we arrived at the camping grounds, I was excited to have a great weekend that would include an enjoyable time, important survival skills and life lessons learned, as well as great camping knowledge.  We set up our tents once we got to the site and went to bed soon after, everyone being eager to go biking the next day.  That next morning, the scouts and I woke up, and begun to make breakfast.  Our patrol made quite the delicious breakfast, which was scrambled eggs with ham and tomatoes, very tasty breakfast to make and eat.  Then, the patrols all prepared their lunches for the day and packed them in our daypacks.  After the breakfasts were all cleaned up, and the lunches were done, Troop 92 began to set out on its bike day trip, going from North Falmouth down to Woods Hole in Cape Cod.  So we started on the bike trail, ready to bike the expected 21 total miles of the bike path. The trip was exhilarating!  It was one of the most beautiful scenes of beaches and forests I had ever seen, and it was perfect weather for the bike ride --sunny and just a light breeze.  And of course, everybody had gotten off their bikes, every time we had to cross an intersection, before getting back on our bikes. 

After riding on the fabulous bike path, we arrived at Woods Hole.  We had found a nice place to eat our lunch, and were able to find a nice view of the ocean, while eating our sandwiches.  Afterwards, when everyone was finished with lunch, we set out to go back to North Falmouth and it seemed as if the ride back, was even better than the ride there. In a much shorter time then our earlier ride, we had made it back to North Falmouth.  I was proud, once we had arrived, for how much I biked that day- 21 miles, that’s the most I have ever ridden at one time, and was glad that I was able to bike that much.  People began to make dinner once we all arrived at the campsite again while other people did some requirements, such as 2nd and 1st class knot tying.  After the requirements were finished dinner was ready and people ate.  The food was quite tasty: my patrol had chicken fajita with, and some other patrols had things such as stir fry, and breaded fish.  The dinner was amazing and after we finished cleaning up the dinner, everyone went over to the campfire and watched the beautiful night sky, which was filled with stars.  Later, everyone went to bed and the next morning, we woke up refreshed and happy.  People made breakfast, such as oatmeal, cereal, and bananas, and then we packed up and left the campsite.  It was a very fun weekend and I thought that it was a great way for our Troop to get to see Cape Cod – on bikes—and ride over 20 miles on the bike path in beautiful Falmouth MA. 




April 2012 - Yawgoop Camping Trip 


By: Andrew Michalik

This was definitely going to be an exciting weekend!  It will be exciting for everyone- the first years, the older scouts, and even the adults, because this was the Yawgoog camping trip.  It was the first year’s very first camping trip in Boy Scouts and the older scouts will have a great opportunity to use leadership skills to show the younger scouts the ropes, and do requirements with them.  Also, the adults were eager to meet all of the new parents of the First Years, and, why wouldn’t they be happy—it’s another great Boy Scout camping trip that will make a great start to a new year!

We drove in Saturday morning and built our tents, having the older scouts help the younger ones set theirs up.  I had helped one of the parents with theirs and then helped Mr. Kachagian build his tent.  Once all of the tents were built, and everyone was set up, we had begun a flag ceremony. We had all of the scouts practice folding, passing, putting up, and taking down the American flag and we had them learn the importance of the American Flag.  Then after every scout had finished practicing hanging, ad folding the flag, every scout began to make their lunches which we were going to eat before the hike.  The 4 patrols all made great lunches that made the hike easy.  We had sandwiches and chips with granola bars, and most of us had brought some of the food with us on the hike.  After everyone was finished eating lunch, we packed our daypacks and set out on the hike.  The scenery on the hike was beautiful and the hike was exhilarating.  We used our compass skills to make sure we were staying on the right path and not straying off course.  After we were done with our amazing hike, the First Years went off with Mr. Distafano and Mr. Kachagian to work on their toten’ chip—toten’ chip is when you learn how to use a knife and other cutting tools. Also the 2nd class scouts and I went with some of the older scouts to learn how to use lashings.  I had learned how to make a tool to hang a pot filled with water over a fire. 

Once these requirements were complete, most of the scouts walked to one of the larger fields near the campsite to play a big game of football.  Unfortunately someone had hurt themselves so we were sent to get a 1st aid kit and using our first aid skills, patched up his cut.  The football game was really fun and I think everyone had an amazing time.  Later, when the scouts got back from the football game, everyone made dinner. We showed the First Years how to cook these dishes and the food was very tasty. Some people made marinated chicken with carrots and rice, or grilled steak dinner.  Once dinner was over, we cleaned up and sat around the campfire for hours.  Everyone sat around talking about funny things, but, soon it became late, and everyone went to their tents to sleep. 

The next morning all of the scouts woke up and started making breakfast, and all four of the patrols did a fabulous job cooking.  There were pancakes of all flavors, tons and tons of bacon, delicious sausages, and many other amazing foods that the scouts and I gobbled down.  After breakfast, all the scouts in the different patrols began to clean up where they had cooked, then, once everybody was finished cleaning, people began to clean and pack up their tents and other items.  Before people could leave, we did a closing flag ceremony along with a duck walk of the whole campsite, where we looked for trash lying around.  Soon after, we packed our things into the cars and drove away.  As we pulled out of the driveway of the campsite I thought at how wonderful a time I had had at Yawgoog, and how great an experience this was for adults, 1st years, and older scouts alike.  This was such an amazing trip for everyone to enjoy and learn and now I am so excited to go to Yawgoog for a week this summer!



May 2012 - Order of the Arrow Elections

By Andrew Michalik

The order of the arrow is a very important event, where scouts must vote who will become part of the order of the arrow.   The order of the arrow is a society that allows scouts to go on extra camping trips and community service projects.  But before you become part of order of the arrow, you must have gained the first class rank and have camped 20 nights in the past 2 years, then be elected by your fellow scouts and then must take a test that will decide whether you are in or not.  But even so, it will be interesting what troop 92 will make of this event.  There were four candidates running, this year that were eligible to go.  Those four people were Kenny Kuchner, Jason El Massy, Matt Petry, and Mark Dyer.  The adult leaders, Mr. Distefano and Mr. Kachagian passed out papers to vote on and we got to work.  We were able to pick one, two, three, or all of the candidates to vote for.  After we voted, we passed in the papers, making sure to keep our voting secret and headed back to our seats.  The votes were cast but we weren’t told who had been elected but we were then given a treat for our participation and we then were thanked by our leaders.  It was definitely a fun but important experience that will be important for me and others for years to come.



The 2012 Family Ski Trip

 By Andrew Michalik 

Zoom!  My two other friends and I race down a slightly challenging ski slope at Mount Snow, a famous ski resort.  It was a sunny Saturday morning and we were slready having a blast but we knew that more fun and excitement would come.  We skied nearly everywhere on the mountain, finding any way to get from one place to the other.   Although, it was a fairly crowded day, seeming to have about 2 or 3 thousand people there that day, we were able to escape to the less crowded parts.  We stayed in those areas most of the day and enjoyed skiing while seeing the amazing scenery around us. While we were at the back peak, we got the golden chair on the chairlift.  The golden chair is that every 50 chairs, on every chairlift, the chair is golden rather than black.  We were lucky enough to get on that chair and, trying to end on a high note, left the back peak and skied back to the main peak.  Then we got in line for the Bluebird Express, the coolest chairlift on the east coast.  It is a six person chair with a blue, domelike shield that goes over the chair, thus blocking the wind. There were so many people in line that we decided that it would be much faster and easier to just wait in the singles line to get on, and in almost no time at all, got on.  Everything was blue and it echoed whenever you talked, it was definitely very interesting, but I was a little happy when we got off.  We took a couple, runs, exploring even more parts of the mountain, until we decided to go in for lunch.  We ate the lunches that we had made earlier that morning before we had left.  Soon we rushed back out the door and back onto the mountain, not wanting to miss anything on the mountain.   As the light was fading in the day, we kept on racing about the mountain and soon after, we headed back to the lodge.  There we met the rest of my family and tried to squeeze in a couple more runs before we finally did have to quit.  Not long after, we headed back to the cabin and got ready for dinner.  I was in charge of dinner and we cooked spaghetti with meatballs in tomato sauce. 

The next day we woke up, cleaned the house and headed back out to the mountain, again not wanting to miss a single golden moment on the slopes.  It was much less crowded so we could maneuver around the mountain more easily and had a better experience than the day before.  As the day skied along, we began to have more and more fun and when we skied off the chairlift of the last run, I dreaded that we had to leave the mountain and go home.  I had nearly the most fun I’ve ever had skiing and I had a fun experience of family cooking, hanging around the fire, and of course, skiing!


January 3, 2012

Troop Meeting Overview 

In the meeting we went over the human burrito ice rescue for the upcoming Klondike Derby.  For those who do not know the burrito is a tarp with a sleeping pad on top of the tarp and a sleeping bag on top of the sleeping pad.  The rescued person is wrapped in this burrito to help retain the persons body heat.  Then it is finished with ropes tied around the tarp for transport.  We also prepared for next weeks Cub Scout Open House.  We will use the meeting to demonstrate prospective cross over Cub Scouts the different skills we learn/use in our Troop on our camping trips.  We also distributed the last incentive prizes from the Popcorn Sale.  No doubt lots of fun will be had with the AMAZING ZYCLONE!!! 


 Popcorn Pizza Party

At last night's meeting we had a pizza party.  We were celebrating our triumphant popcorn sales this year.  We followed pizza with a trivia game with cools prizes!  While we were eating pizza we had a pleasant surprise.  Brothers, Trevor and Alex Keefe surprised us with a visit, two of our esteemed Troop 92 Eagle Scouts.  Alex is now a firefighter and Trevor is in the air force.  Scott DiStefano also stopped by to say hello.  They set a high bar for all of us who aspire to Eagle.  It was so great to have them visit.

                The pizza party was a celebration for selling over $19k in popcorn sales - record results!!!  The party was a great treat and a fun way to end the year.  The trivia questions were brain busters and everyone had fun with them - and maybe even learned something!  The prizes were great!!  In typical Scout fashion, the prizes were all about preparedness and useful - for camping!  One example was the compass prize - we use these regularly for orienteering on trips.

                Sincere thanks to Mr. Mihalik for his tremendous leadership and support.  He inspired us all to exceed expectations and we all very much appreciate the wonderful recognition and reward of last night!

Happy Holidays to all.  Best wishes for a healthy and happy New Year!



Scout Night Open House 

A couple meetings ago we had Cub Scouts from Pack 921 stop by for a nice visit with Troop 92.  We had four stations set up, backpacking, tents, foil packs, and fire starting.  There were four Scouts from Pack 921,  coincidentally D.A.R.E. graduation was the same night, which impacted those able to join us.  Even though we didn't have the extra 11 Scouts we anticipated, being Scouts we were prepared with plan B and we had a very productive night! 

Dillon Ford ran the backpacking station with the help of the Scorpion Patrol.  They showed the Cub Scouts what a backpack looked like and how to use whats in and on it properly.  They also showed them some necessities to bring while backpacking or camping in general.  The kids looked very intrigued at what Scorpion Patrol was saying.  This was a great learning opportunity. 

  Alex Shroeder ran the tent station with the help of the Eagle Patrol.  They showed the Cub Scouts what some examples of backpacking tents were and how they worked.  They did a great job.  There is a lot to learn with tents!

Mr. Dyer ran the foil pack station.  Basically what he did was taught the scouts what a foil pack was and what were some good examples of what to put in them when they would take them on trips.  The foil packs sure did look good when they were cooked.  

Ryan King, with the help of the Cobra Patrol  showed the Cub Scouts some ways to start fires without matches.  We had a nice fire going during the whole meeting.  The Scouts were awed by some ways to start a fire.  Again, lots of learning going on here!

Major thanks to McKinley Hackett for making an extraordinary slide show to finish the meeting. 

Overall the meeting was a HUGE hit and everyone seemed to enjoy it.  Troop 92 showed very well and we expect we will have some new recruits from the Cub Scouts that spent time with us.   




On December 9th 2011 we embarked on a journey to the infamous Tamworth.  We treated Tamworth as a skill session/tune-up before the Klondike Derby.  It was a blast!  The Klondike Derby is an upcoming event in January.  The Klondike focuses on cold weather survival skills.

The ride to Tamworth took two plus hours and a short hike up to the cabins.  There were two cabins and one of them was burnt so the residential conditions were unsatisfactory, aside from the fact that there was no heat at all!  We were not allowed to stay in that one! 

During the activities we worked on ice rescue, orienteering, emergency shelter building and fire building.  During the ice rescue we worked on tying bowline knots to throw the rope to the person "stranded" on the ice or in our case grass.  During orienteering we went on a scavenger hunt which worked on our map and compass skills.  After that we went to the observation tower and it was a sight to see.  After orienteering we made emergency shelters for people who are sick and injured and need to get out of the wind and cold.  Lastly before bed we made a fire and worked on the skills used for fire building.  

Overall it was a great trip and hopefully everyone will succeed at the Klondike Derby!


Written by Devin McCarthy 


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Father Tom Garlick

 For all that dont know Father Tom Garlick passed away in his sleep this past weekend.  He died on the night of May 21, 2011.  He was very active in the troop, he donated a picture in parish hall.  He was a great person and it would be great if you could all keep him in your thoughts and prayers. 

 Gardening at St. Annes Church

 This past weekend some boys from the troop went to St. Annes Church and planted some flowers to make it look nicer.  Paul Dyer and Julia McCarthy were the adults who helped out, the boys were Mark Dyer, Devin McCarthy, Russell McCarthy, and Mikey.  The day was a complete success! The flowers look beautiful.

Post image for Boy Scouts plan community garden near St. Anne’s Church



Fishing trip is (May 20-22) Fishing at Nickerson State Park on the Cape.  We are planning to leave the St. Anne’s parking lot on Friday 5/20 at 6:30PM and return on Sunday 5/22 in the early afternoon.   Brewster MA, is 2 hours away. Park Info



Mike's Eagle Project

Recently my Eagle Project was approved. For this project I will build a community garden at 12 Walker Street (next to St. Anne's Church) and assemble a garden club. To make the garden we will need to rototill the lot and rake out the grass. If anyone has access to a rototiller that would be available May 14th please let me know as soon as possible. I have scheduled my project for May 14th and if needed a few hours on May 15th. I will be announcing more details at the meeting this tuesday and I will follow up with additional information in later emails. Many of the adult leaders have training the weekend of May 14th so it would be greatly appreciated if parents could show up to my project.        Thank you,  Michael McHorney


Adam's Eagle Project!  

Boy Scout Adam Wolfset wants Neary School to be come “recreation central.” With a supportive vote at Town Meeting on Tuesday night, the sixteen-year-old is one step closer to achieving his goal.

 Wolfset initiated an article to allocate $4K in Community Preservation Act funds toward building a new sand volleyball court between the existing tennis courts and soccer field at Neary. 



Earth Day  (April 30, 2011)

I would like to thank everyone that participated in this years earth day clean up of Southborough. Everyone did a great Job. Troop 92 had 14 Scouts, 8 parents and a hand full of siblings participate. We completed our routes plus a little extra this year. It is amazing how much trash we picked form the sides of the roads. The group in the picture filled Mr. Schroeder's trailer to the top. It was quite a haul.  After the clean up we all met at the Town Gazebo for Pizza, Drinks and Ice Cream. All and all it was a fun and productive day.                       Thank you again. Mr. Nahabedian.


Lonesome Lake
The Troop met at the St. Anne's church at 6:00am on Saturday. Once everyone arrived we loaded up three cars/trucks with all of our gear and took off. The trip to the White Mountains took about 2 1/2 hours. When we got to the parking log we put on our snowshoes and backpacks and started up the steep trail towards the hut - which was a two mile hike straight up.
When we got to the hut we unloaded everything from our packs and found out where we were sleeping. After that we had lunch and we went on a vigerous snowshowing hike up towards Kinsman Pond shelter. This is where Mr. D., Mitch, Sam, Scott, Ryand, Jason, Russell, Tom & Kenny stayed.  They had to carry heavy packs all the way up to the shelter which was a very steep hike. We left and went back to the hut and got there around 5:00pm. Mr. Nahabedian, Mrs. Dyer, Mr. Schroeder and Mr. Remillard, Nate, Alex, Matt, David, and Nick began making stirfry for dinner. It was good. For dessert we made chocolate chip cookies. After dessert we all sat around the fire and played games and talked. Then we went to bed. Around 2:00am the smoke alarm went off in one of the rooms. Mr. Remillard took care of the false alarm.
In the morning when we got up, we had to start cooking breakfast. we had bacon, egg & cheese sandwiches. It was good. After we cleaned up, repacked our backpacks  and hiked back down the steep trail, while it was snowing!
At the end, everyone had a great time!
March 22, 2011 Court of Honor
This was the first Court of Honor (CoH) led by the new senior patrol leader, Ryan King. He did a great job. The highlight of the night was when Mitchell Hilbert moved his name plaque from Life Scout to Eagle Scout. He got a big round of applause.
Many of the newly crossed-over scouts got their first badge - the Toten Chip.
The Order of the Arrow election results were announced and Nate Nahabedian, Alex Schroeder, Kenny Kuchnir, and Dillon Ford were all elected. In June, these four scouts need to go through "The Ordeal" in order to become an Order of the Arrow member.

At the conclusion of the CoH, we enjoyed refreshments.

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